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CLC Striders speed/interval training w/c 8 February 2021

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Please see interval session below, this week set by coach Amelia Mullins.

1 mile easy warm up followed by dynamic mobility, drills and strides. Then:

1 mile cool down jog

Fartleks teach your body to incorporate varying speeds into a run, helping you to recognise a difference in pace and to change gear when you need to e.g. to ‘kick’ in a race. For newer runners, you can run the fartlek recoveries easy rather than steady, and the 4 & 2 min efforts at the slower end of the given paces.

Please be CAREFUL out there with the snow and cold weather this week. If you don’t think it is safe to do the session, just do an Easy run and wait for it to clear later in the week.

Please adhere to the rules, only train if you feel fit & healthy and remember you CAN train together with 1 other person outside - so please reach out to other members/friends if you want some company.