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Club Records

The club is active in road, track, cross country, and trail races. The road, track, and multi-terrain events offer our members the opportunity to set club records at a particular distance or event. We also recognise field event records for members willing to try something other than running.

Men’s Road Records

Women’s Road Records

Men’s Track Records

Women’s Track Records

Men’s Multi-Terrain Records

Women’s Multi-Terrain Records

Men’s Field Event Records

Women’s Field Event Records


Although not officially a race, but a timed run, we also recognise parkrun fastest times.

Men’s parkrun Fastest Times

Women’s parkrun Fastest Times

parkrun’s website also holds various data on members’ performances including:

CLC Striders at Cheltenham parkrun

CLC Striders at King George V Playing Field parkrun, Cheltenham

CLC Striders Consolidated club report for member participation at last Saturday’s parkruns

Claims and Amendments

To claim or update a record please complete the online form.

Note: records are only shown for the age groups for which a time has been set. If an age group is missing it means no records has been set; if it’s your age group, set a time and claim the record.