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Note that the CLC Striders Running Club do not endorse or recommend any commercial products or services and being listed does not constitute or imply an endorsement.

Company Name:
Services Offered: Running t-shirts, hoodies and running gifts. Custom running t-shirts for individuals, clubs, small and large groups. We can add your name to your club vest or t-shirt.
Telephone: 01242 374574
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Discount Offered to Club Members: 10% Discounts for CLC club members. Use “CLCstriders” code
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Company Info: Run by runners for runners.
We are Malc and Rachel and we really love running and the running community.On Saturdays we can usually be found at Cheltenham parkrun. We have travelled the world to take part in races - long and short, and love meeting like minded people. We’ve certainly tested our t-shirts, vests and hoodies. We focus on supplying what we believe runners want, and what they tell us they want.
Company Name: Up and Running Cheltenham
Services Offered: Specialist Running Shop, Gait Analysis and advice on all things running.
Address: 290 High St, Cheltenham GL50 3HQ
Telephone: 01242 242789
Email: [email protected]
Discount Offered to Club Members: 10% off on all items (excluding sale items)
Company Info: Pete is the manager of the store and has been with the company for 10 years. He is a keen runner with completing 12 marathons to date and is a regular attendee of local races. His product knowledge is wide, having tried and tested most items in store.

Sports Physiotherapy

Company Name: Cotswold Physiotherapy Centre LLP
Services Offered: Physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, K-Tape.
Address: 105-107 Bath Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7LE
Telephone: 01242 228019
Email: [email protected]
Discount Offered to Club Members: 3 x half hour appointments at 20% discount.
Company Info: We are the largest and most diverse Physiotherapy clinic in Cheltenham with a large team of experienced practitioners. We use traditional physiotherapy with “hands on “ treatment. We also offer walking analysis, orthotics, Pilates, Neuro, rehabilitation and electrotherapy.
Company Name: MFL Sports Clinic
Services Offered: High quality sports therapy treatment to restore full function and maintain a healthy lifestyle as quickly and effectively as possible:
Full examination and assessments, Deep Tissue Sports Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Stretching Techniques, Kinesiology Taping, Rehabilitation, Joint mobilisations.
Address: MFL Sports Clinic, True Function- Ninja Training Ground, Unit 2 Hallidays Mill, London Rd, Chalford, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 8NR
Telephone: 07340 076844
Email: [email protected]
Discount Offered to Club Members: 15% off the ORIGINAL price for all treatments. (Not in conjunction with other promotional/introductory deals).
Please view the pricing list on my website for original prices.
Company Info: Madeleine Lowson is a fully qualified MSc Sports Therapist, achieving a Distinction award in her Master’s Degree in Sports Therapy from the University of Gloucestershire, and a previous BSc degree in Exercise Science (Health and Rehabilitation) from Bournemouth University.
As part of her MSc degree, Madeleine gained a vast amount of experience within clinics, hospitals, sports teams and physical working environments, increasing her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, confidence in examination and assessment of clients, and producing adequate and professional manual therapy treatment and rehabilitation related to the confirmed diagnosis.
Madeleine has had the fantastic opportunity of working alongside the soft tissue specialist at Gloucester Rugby Team and the Tongan International Rugby Team providing sports massages in the lead up to their next games.
As a team player herself, Madeleine understands the importance of reducing the risk of injury, taking great pride in her work and professionalism and is motivated towards delivering enthusiastic service and interaction where patients’ needs are a priority and their health and well-being is of paramount importance.
Company Name: Pilates Guy
Services Offered: Whether you are looking for help with pain, to gain an edge with your sports performance, safeguarding against injury, enhancing your wellbeing or to help your employees stay healthy and happy at work, Pilates Guy has a number of solutions to offer.
Address: N/A
Telephone: 07980 698313
Email: [email protected]
Discount Offered to Club Members: N/A
Company Info: I have a modern, technical and practical approach to Pilates which is the style which worked for me. Each exercise is functional and the benefits for pain, sports or just general life and wellbeing are outlined during the session, with a real focus on precision and control.
Before becoming an instructor myself, I really struggled to find an instructor with an approach which made me feel comfortable and that made sense. Once I found that person I never left and still work with them to this day. There are so many different styles and approaches to Pilates out there that you may try a number and give up, I did on more than one occasion! But perhaps my approach is the style you have been looking for.
After years of back problems to the point where I would struggle to get dressed in the mornings at age 29, weekly Pilates practice enabled me to get back to playing rugby, doing squats and deadlifts in the gym and even improved my mobility and performance.
I still have good days and bad days, but I got my life back and for me it was absolutely game changing. You learn a lot that you can apply to every day life to improve your general health and wellness from Pilates, from sitting correctly and getting up from chairs more often, to engaging certain muscles when you lift things to protect your back.
Everyone should be doing some variation of this type of work, whether it’s to deal with an existing issue, help prevent future issues or just to generally improve fitness and complement any current activity. I recently left my 14 year professional services career to start Pilates Guy and help more people like me get past their barriers.
Company Name: The Rackhameffect
Services Offered: I offer sports massage and myofascia release using the Rossiter System. Rehab exercises, assisted stretches and foam rolling technique sessions.
Address: Innsworth Lane Gloucester & Reach Fitness Cheltenham
Telephone: 07939 808664
Email: [email protected]
Discount Offered to Club Members: All club members would receive a £5 saving on all future sessions following an initial consultation and treatment.
Company Info: My Sports Massage Therapy business has been thriving since 2005 and I have
been in the fitness Industry for over 20yrs now. I am an active triathlete and runner and have
completed 2 Ironman events in Germany and Spain.
Last year May 2015 I completed 5 Ultras in 5 days, The Forces March. A week never to forget.
I know how demanding sport and exercise can be from 1st time events to the big stuff. I was there
once and have learned many good things along the way. My motto is ‘Believe to Achieve'
Running for many is a way of life. Fantastic while you can run and horrendous when you are
I love what I do and hope to inspire and help people get back to what they love doing when a
niggle comes their way and won't go away.
I now have a clinic from my home address in Gloucester. A beautiful cedar built cabin room at the
end of my garden. I can now offer more evening appointments throughout the week between
Cheltenham and Gloucester.
Company Name: Straight Back Physiotherapy
Services Offered: Sports specific physiotherapy, 3D video running gait analysis and bike fitting service.
Address: 292 High St, Cheltenham, Glos, GL50 3HQ
Telephone: 07940 102905 and 01242 509923
Email: [email protected]
Website: and
Discount Offered to Club Members: 1xFree treatment session to anyone who refers a friend for a *course of treatment (*3 or more treatment sessions)
Company Info: Physiotherapists who specialise in treating sports injury. Qualified over 10 years ago we have developed a reputation for treating the recreational and the ‘more serious’ athlete. Over the last few years we have developed our interest in running biomechanics and use specialist equipment to review running technique and running associated injury.
Company Name: Inx Yoga
Services Offered: Yoga, Yin Yoga
Address: Sheaf House Farm, Draycott Road, Blockley, Gloucestershire, GL56
Telephone: 07388 5533272
Email: [email protected]
Discount Offered to Club Members: N/A.
Company Info: At INX Yoga we believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of judgement. These feelings guide our core teachings and practices. At INX Yoga, we focus on helping people better connect to themselves and their surroundings. We offer a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats in order to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and healthier minds. We specialise in Vinyasa (flow) yoga.