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Speed/interval training - w/c 18 May

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As most of us will be racing 3k for the Mob Match next weekend, this weeks session is low in volume but will get the legs primed and ready. Just be sure to allow at least 2 full days of rest and/or easy running before your race. So if racing on Saturday then do this no later than Wednesday

Usual warm Up (at least 1 mile easy), dynamic stretches, drills & and importantly 6 strides of around 50 metres each @ 5k pace, then:

If you don’t know what 3k time you should be capable of then use this calculator and enter a recent race/time trial time, then click the ‘equivalent’ tab

Be sensible, listen to your body and ease off/cut the session short if you feel any niggles.

Please train alone and keep your distance from others.

Joel and the committee