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Midsummer Open IV - 03/08/2016

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The final midsummer open of the Summer saw a mix of mile races and sprints.

Striders competed in three separate races, and in the first of these James Oram broke the 5-minute barrier with a time of 4:54..7, and he was followed by Iain Porter who ran 5:02.6 and by Jon Howes who ran well to finish in a time of 5:14.5.

Tom Vickers (5:14.8), Joel Freehand (5:29.0), Rachel Vines (5:37.3) and Karlien Heyrman (5:43.6) ran well in the second of the mile races, whilst Amelia Mullins (6:08.4), Gavin Jerman (6:15.4), Andrew Gage (6:23.9) and Zoe Gough (6:48.9) were the club’s representatives in the final one.

With the action switching to the sprints, Jon Howes (27.4) had the edge over James Oram and Joel Freehand (both 27.5) in their 200m race, whilst Iain Porter was close behind times-wise with his 27.8 in the following race.

Other strong performances in the 200m came from Tom Vickers (29.4), Karlien Heyrman (32.0), Gavin Jerman (33.3) and Amelia Mullins (34.1).

Finally, in the 100m, Jon Howes and Amelia Mullins were flying the Striders flag with times of 13.3 and 16.4 respectively.