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Midsummer Open III - 27/07/2016

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Striders were in action over a range of distances at the penultimate midsummer open on 27th July.

The action kicked off with a series of 1500m races, and leading the way in the A race was Will Ferguson who ran a well-judged race to finish in 4:15.29. Iain Porter also ran in the A race and rang strongly to finish in a time of 4:34.50.

Striders were well-represented in the B-race, and the star performance in this race came from Tom Vickers, who ran an excellent time of 4:52.85.  Other strong performances in the 1500m came from Rachel Vines (5:11.83), John Willson (5:13.75) and Karlien Heyrman (5:14.09).

In a subsequent 1500m race Gavin Jerman and Andrew Gage ran well for times of 5:52.60 and 6:00.53 respectively.

With the 1500m races complete, a number of Striders competed in the 600m.   Iain Porter led the way in the B race with 1:36.99; Jon Howes was next with 1:38.23, whilst Paul Lockyer followed with a time of 1:40.76.  In the C race, Tom Vickers led the way with 1:46.26, whilst Rachel Vines (1:59.81) and Gavin Jerman (2:05.74) ran well in subsequent races.

Finally, in the 200m, Jon Howes showed his speed with a time of 27.73.