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Forest of Dean Parkrun - 09/07/2016

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3 Striders took in the Forest of Dean Park Run on Saturday with considerable success. Rachael Cary, a regular winner of the Cheltenham Park Run but on holiday nearby, was once again first lady and 10th overall, whilst husband Adam Cary made a rare appearance to finish in a creditable 31st. However it was Dave Smeath who entered uncharted territory, finishing in overall 3rd place. Interviewed soon after the race, the Brendan Ward coached athlete regaled the dramatic scenes on the second lap of the race.There is a long, straight part of the course at the start of the second lap and looking ahead I could see I was in 6th place which I was happy enough with. That’s when things started to go a bit ‘Wacky Races’! One guy tripped on a tree root and lost momentum, the next guy pulled up clutching a hamstring, and then with less than 1k to go, the next guy inexplicably slowed to a walk, meaning I was in the dizzy heights of 3rd place!’ ‘I half expected the leaders to be directed towards an unfinished bridge by Dick Dastardly and Muttley or for them to slip on an oil slick from the Arkansas Chuggabug’ quipped Smeath. ‘They didn’t though.’