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CLC Striders speed/interval training w/c 1 June 2020

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Something a little bit different for this week’s session, short but not so sweet - the famous Moneghetti (Mona) Fartlek

WARMUP - 1 - 2 mile easy jog, mobility, drills and strides

SESSION - a 20 minute CONTINUOUS run broken down as follows

COOL DOWN - 1-2 mile easy jog and stretches

For the “ON” sections think about moving up through the gears each time the interval drops in time, as an example for a runner in good shape may aim to run the 90 secs @ 10k pace, 60 secs @ 5k, 30 secs @ 3k pace, 15 secs @ Mile pace.

Be realistic and don’t go hell for leather for the ON sections as needing to stop or walk the OFF sections will jeapordise the overall session.

Ideally run the “OFF” sections at Tempo pace for stronger runners or half marathon pace, but they could be as an easy jog if you are short of fitness. Whatever you do, don’t stop and keep smiling, it’s only 20 minutes total.

It’s best to program this as a workout into your running watch but as long as you have lap time displayed and use your lap button on each split you will know where you are, as long as you can count to 4!

Please stay well hydrated, enjoy and let us know how you get on.

Bonus points if you attempt this on the Cotswold Way as part of the latest club challenge.