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Weekly Training Sessions (Winter)

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I am new to running. Can I try one of your sessions?

Yes! If you a complete beginner, come along and try our Wednesday night Improvers Group. You will get expert advice from our Improvers coach, Chris, on how to embark on your running adventure in a sociable and fun environment. Please see below for more information.

I’m a runner and want to improve. Can you help?

Yes! Whether you are a recreational runner or a competitive athlete we have a range of training sessions to suit you. If you can comfortably run 5k (3 miles), come along and try our Monday night 4 mile social. As a rule of thumb, if you can do the Cheltenham ParkRunin 30 minutes or less, this is the group for you. You can also try our Wednesday night Improvers Group.

If you are a more experienced runner, we have a number of Monday night six mile groups ranging from 9:30 minutes per mile (that’s about 1hr for a 10k) to sub-7 minutes per mile (about 40 minutes for a 10k). Our experienced group leaders will guide you round at an even (but testing!) pace. You can also try our Wednesday night Competitive Group.

Our Sessions

Road Run - Monday 6.30pm CLC Sports Centre

We meet at the CLC Sports Centre on Monday evenings at 18.30 and offer two groups: a four mile sociable run and a six mile run at a range of paces. If you would like to try a Monday session, please come along to the CLC Sports Centreat 6.25 pm on Monday evening and ask to speak to one of our club captains. You can also email us at [email protected].

All our routes are circular, starting and finishing at the CLC Sports Centre:

4 milesocial

6 milesat a variety of paces

Speed Work - Wednesday 6.30pm CLC Sports Centre

Speed work is for all abilities; it is a common misconception that it is only for the pros. Recreational runners will see tangible benefits in their fitness and performance. We have two groups; an improvers group and a competitive group:

Improvers Group: This group is designed for athletes who may not yet feel confident enough to compete for the club, especially in X Country league fixtures, but who want to improve their running. The aim of this group is to help members to achieve their running goals; to compete if they wish to do so, and progress to the Competitive Group.

Competitive Group: This group is is designed for athletes who predominantly do compete and who want to fly the flag for the club especially in X Country league races, and for those who really want to become the best they can be at their selected distance. The sessions, especially over the winter months, will be progressive in volume and will have lots of variation.

Summer Route(April to September)

Winter Route(October to March)