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Cotswold Way Relay – 29 June 2019

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On a swelteringly hot late June Saturday three teams of Striders made their way to various points along the beautiful Cotswold Way to compete in the annual Cotswold Way Relay team event.

Starting early in the morning from Chipping Camden and finishing late in the afternoon in the centre of Bath, the relay race is a tough but enjoyable challenge which brings out the best in a club with good team spirit.

But the temperatures on June 29, meant that the race was much more than challenging – it became a feat of survival! With most runners registering long segments of their legs with their heart rates in the ‘red zone’, most times went by the by as runners doggedly stuck to the task of completing their legs.

At the time of writing, full results with individual leg positions have not yet been confirmed and published, but the provisional team results show the following…

The CLC ladies open team(comprising, in order of leg run, Amanda Steer Karlien Heyrman, Rachel Vines, Rachael Cary, Laura Fletcher, Helen Howes, Emma Abbey, Amelia Mullins, Nicola Weager and Charlie Haward) finished in 7thplace out of 14 teams on the day.

The men’s vet team(comprising, in order of leg run, Tim Brock, Rich Shardlow, Gavin Jerman, James Babbage, Jon Howes, Eoin McQuone, Ed Thomson, Billy Bradshaw, Rob Bircher and Phil Abbey) finished 6thout of 13 teams.

And the mixed ladies and men’s team(comprising, in order of leg run, Chris Thomas, Tom Kabala, Natalie Burfitt, Nikki Smith, Louis Fievet, Cerys Jones, Si Thomson, Ed Collier, Mike Crossley and Gary Smith) finished 17thout of 54 teams.