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Iain Porter wins the Glencoe off-road Marathon

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On Sunday 1 October, club strongman (nicknamed the Mountain Goat) Iain Porter competed in one of the toughest events in the UK – the Glencoe off-road marathon – and achieved one of the most amazing club results CLC Striders have ever been honoured with.

With almost even splits 1:54 and 1:53, Iain finished in a stunning first place in a time of 3 hours and 47 minutes, further demonstrating his incredible prowess over trail and country in an event boasting over a mile of ascent!


With the first eight miles run across very boggy terrain and then the rest on the West Highland way (which is hard-packed but very rocky), there were also plenty of streams and small rivers to splash through.

Here’s what Iain said, in his own modest way: “Unexpectedly, I found myself at the front after seven miles as it got steeper. I then lost the lead on the first tricky descent, and went through half way in third place. But I regained the lead about two miles later on the second steep climb and somehow I managed to keep it. I got a bit worried about two people who were catching up at about mile 24 and I ended up doing the last 2 and a bit miles at 6:10-minute miling down a massive hill to stay in front – only to discover they were just doing the half marathon distance!”