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Chew Valley 10km - 19/06/2016

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Dave Smeath made a rare road racing appearance at the Chew Valley 10k near Bristol. The Striders veteran has focussed more on trail running in recent times in a bid to preserve his creaking frame. However those hilly miles proved great training for this course whilst the feeling of asphalt under foot rather than soil and rocks put a spring in his step. Smeath finished 33rd out of over 600 finishers, and 6th V40 in a time of 41.29.

‘It was a pleasant change to have it all over and done with in just over 40 minutes compared to recent weeks where I’ve been slogging my guts out for hours on end. I really gave it some wellie though, to the extent that I was dry retching at the finish which is always a good barometer of how hard I’ve tried. One of the marshals did offer to escort me to the St Johns ambulance but I think  she was being a bit overly dramatic’ Smeath commented from his hospital bed.