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Cotswold Way Relay - 27 June 2015

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Alice Johnston ran magnificently to win leg 5 of the Cotswold Way Relay.

The race consists of 10 legs totalling 103 miles with three runners from each club running a leg each. The race starts in Chipping Camden and finishes in Cold Ashton , Bath. The results for Team Striders were:
Leg One: Charles Goodwin finished 7th, Rachel Carey 21st, Dawn Addinall 83rd.
Leg Two: Rachel Vines was 27th, Amanda Steer 51st, Nikki Smith 87th,
Leg Three: Andy Jones was 5th, Dave Smeath 29th, Brad Coates 47th
Leg four: Chris Hale was 16th, Raj Mahapatra 34th, Adam Cary 62nd
Leg Five: Chris Driskell was 8th, Alice Johnston finished first lady and 24th overall, Amelia Mullins was 43rd
Leg Six: Liza Barry was 2nd lady and 9th overall, Helen Roberts was 34th, Dave Billingham 27th
Leg Seven: Billy Bradshaw was 15th, Katie Trustlove 19th, David James 52nd.
Leg Eight: Jon Howes was 20th, Helen Howes 75th, Andrew Patterson 79th.
Leg Nine: Nick Barry was 15th, Rob Bircher 27th, Nick Von Benzon 59th.
Leg Ten: JJ Willson was 41st, Zoe Gough 44th, Rachel Burdick 45th.

Overall, CLC White team finished an excellent 3rd overall, CLC Green team finished 10th overall and CLC Black team finished 24th overall.