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Coronavirus Update - 15 March

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In light of some feedback from members, the committee has been reviewing the situation around Covid-19 and the training on Monday and Wednesday evenings. As the impact of the virus becomes more significant, we must safeguard the health and wellbeing of our members, especially true for those with caring responsibilities, and members who have elderly relatives or those in other vulnerable groups, and be aware of the risk of the virus being spread at club led events.

We are proposing to continue with training on Monday nights for the foreseeable future either until government advice is such that we are required to stop, or CLC determines they need to close. As previously mentioned, we will meet outside CLC sports centre rather than inside and politely request that everyone utilises social distancing as appropriate, especially for those who may wish to run alone. If you are showing any symptoms such as a cough, high temperature or fever we kindly ask that you refrain from attending training.

The committee are in the process of reviewing arrangements for Wednesday night speed training and identifying if any changes ought to be applied to the sessions. We will communicate with you all once arrangements have been finalised.

We are also waiting to hear if the road relays will take place on Saturday and will inform those who have agreed to race as soon as a decision is taken. If you no longer wish to participate it would be appreciated if you could let Will or Karlien aware (or by reply if easier).

Can I remind you all of the UK Government advice to support the UK’s response by:

If you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected]