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Midsummer Open - 8 July 2015

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CLC Striders had an excellent turnout for the second Midsummer Open at the Prince of Wales Stadium on Wednesday 8 July.

Many athletes ran two events or more. Veteran Martin Bick recorded his first ever win in the 1500m stopping the clock at 5.32.43.

JJ Willson also set a M55 club record running 5.30.76. Other great runs were had by Sam Baylis 4.32.60, Iain Porter 4.39.16, Jon Howes 4.51.10, Joel Freeland 4.54.01, Chris Driskell 4.56.66, Paul Lockyer 4.58.90, Rustam Helmsley 5.01.00, Rich Shardlow 5.11.62, Rachel vines 5.16.94 ( a big PB) Laura Gush 5.28.05, Dan Harte (competing in his first track race) 5.52.14 and Emma Abbey 6.18.11.

Meanwhile the 600m saw Rich Shardlow set a club m45 record running 1.58.59, JJ Willson set a m55 club record running 1.56.99, Iain Porter won his heat in 1.39.70, Joel Freeland ran 1.38.40 in another heat, Chris Driskell ran 1.47.99, Rachel Vines ran 2.01.41, Laura Gush 2.02.86, Emma Abbey ran 2.13.87.

In the 200m Jon Howes, Iain Porter and Chris Driskell won their heats recording 27.33 for Howes who set an m40 club record, Porter ran 28.39, and Driskell 30.50 and set a club m35 record. Other Striders ran well, Laura Gush 36.07, Rachel Vines 36.08, and Emma Abbey set a L40 club record running 37.41.

The final race which was the 100m saw 3 Striders taking part, Martin Bick set an m50 club record running 15.07, Rich Shardlow set an m45 club record running 16.88, and Laura Gush ran 17.69.