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The Blithfield Olympic Triathalon 1 August 2010

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The Blithfield Olympic 1 August 2010 </p>


I was a late addition to the field after the flattering suggestion from Andy a couple of weeks ago that I should try a qualifying event. After looking at relative qualifying times it looked like I would need circa 2hr 7min to get a place and with previous best a 2hr 11 this looked an outside shout, but hey let?s go for it. At racking I was very excited and ready to give it all, if a little nervous having noted the relative higher density of good bikes than at previous races. I started wide out on the swim to stay out of trouble and set off and started looking for toes. I hopped from feet to feet, often moving forward 5 metres or so for the next lot but never really finding the right ones. Coming out of the water I was very disappointed, I was hoping to be 90secs up on where I was, not a great start to a PB. I was hopeful that the swim leg had been long and that everyone was slow, a good thought to have and ensured I was not mentally beaten before T1. On reflection I think I probably went too slow at the start and got myself in the wrong company. I got into a good rhythm on the bike and did first lap in about 31mins and felt good. I was always aware there were a few just behind me on the bike but pressed up. I was mega hacked off when with about 10km to go eight riders came past me all together, tight together, lots of drafting. I went past them as hard as I could a km later and fortunately strung them all out. Two stayed with me and they went passed me again after another km but I got them again and they stayed behind. Very pleased with the bike time, and felt I had at least made up for the slow swim. Little apprehensive as to whether I was now too knackered for a fast run time…After my last two runs in tris being cross country with stiles etc I was keen to get back below 40mins and in any case needed a big run, a PB tri run, to have any chance of qualification. Fortunately felt good off the bike and made steady progress through the field. Couple of times I saw Rob B striding purposefully coming the other way, wished I was where he was and dreamt of the adjustment that would make to my time! I felt I was keeping a reasonably consist pace throughout and I was desperately playing the ?guess the age game? looking at each guy coming the other way on each of the turns. One dangerously looking similar age person was circa 50m in front with the final 2.5km to go and I took him with 200m to go. Extremely pleased with the run, fastest in a tri and no doubt helped by the ?guess the age game?, and ultimately an overall PB. As a 39 yo this year, will be in the 40+ age group next year and only one of those beat me so fingers crossed for a qualification..
Brendan Ward (Club Chairman)

Swim: 26.43

T1: 1.12

Cycle: 1.01.45

T2: 0.52

Run: 36.32

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