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Midland Womens Cross Country League 4, Pitville Park - 11th February 2012

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The fourth and final Midland League cross country fixture of the 2011/12 season was at Pitville Park in Cheltenham.

Conditions were perfect for a day of cross country, cool crisp air but sunny and warm out of the shade. In her first race for the club in four months, Liza Barry took the lead of the womens team. Barry made light work of the 4 mile icy and muddy course and finished in 37thplace. Next to follow was Jo Wilkie, who ran hard and made up many positions in the second lap by finishing in 45thplace. Super Trish made up the team hot on Wilkie’s heels in 48thplace.

Vines got stuck in and completed the course in 54thplace whilst Sophie Robinson demonstrated her improvement by following in 58thplace.

Helen Howes ran a conservative race, finishing in 102ndplace with barely a hair out of place! Rebecca Boulton had her best run of the season by completing the course in 117thplace.