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Cotswold Way Relay

The Cotswold Way Relay is an annual event hosted by Team Bath Athletic Club, usually on the last Saturday in June, and is a highlight of the running calendar year.

The 102 mile route is completed by teams of 10 people, with each team member running a leg ranging from 7 to 13 miles. The race is operated as 10 back-to-back races, starting each stage with a mass start at the expected arrival time of the 1st runner from the previous stage. The first team member sets off from Chipping Campden at 7am. The last team member leaves Cold Ashton at 5pm, heading for the finish in Bath.

A firm favourite with our members, the club usually enters 3 teams. However, the event has a limit of 100 teams, so if the race is oversubscribed the organisers may limit the number of teams a club may enter.

The official Cotswold Relay website has full information about the competition, the route, downloadable maps and GPX files, and historical records.

Runners who have completed all 10 legs of the competition are awarded a King or Queen of the Cotswolds Plaque. The following club members have achieved this remarkable status:

Fastest times

The club members’ fastest times for each leg are:

Leg Name Time Distance Start Finish Date
1 Nick Barry 1:16:56 12 mi Chipping Campden Stanway House 30/06/2018
2 Tom Kabala 1:28:40 11.9 mi Stanway House Cleeve Common 29/06/2019
3 Andy Jones 58:40 8.2 mi Cleeve Common Seven Springs 27/06/2015
4 Chris Driskell 1:28:57 12.7 mi Seven Springs Cranham Corner 30/06/2012
5 Nick Barry 1:15:39 11.7 mi Cranham Corner Ebley Mill 24/06/2017
6 Chris Driskell 1:06:14 8.8 mi Dudbridge Dursley 25/06/2011
7 Jon Howes 56:41 7.2 mi Dursley Wotton U Edge 28/06/2014
8 Chris Driskell 1:30:07 12 mi Wotton U Edge Old Sodbury 24/06/2017
9 Nick Barry 1:04:35 9.2 mi Old Sodbury Cold Ashton 25/06/2016
10 John Comer 1:08:40 9.3 mi Cold Ashton (new length) Bath Victoria Park 02/07/2022
Leg Name Time Distance Start Finish Date
1 Rachael Cary 1:31:01 12 Chipping Campden Stanway House 27/06/2015
2 Liza Barry 1:39:28 11.5 Stanway House Cleeve Common 29/06/2013
3 Alice Johnston 1:10:06 8.2 Cleeve Common Seven Springs 29/06/2013
4 Liza Bradshaw 1:35:14 12.2 Seven Springs (new length) Cranham Corner 02/07/2022
5 Liza Barry 1:27:22 11.7 Cranham Corner Ebley Mill 25/06/2016
6 Liza Barry 1:09:36 8.8 Dudbridge Dursley 27/06/2015
7 Katie Truslove 59:14 7.2 Dursley Wotton U Edge 27/06/2015
8 Liza Barry 1:33:52 12 Wotton U Edge Old Sodbury 25/06/2011
9 Katie Truslove 1:12:21 9.2 Old Sodbury Cold Ashton 25/06/2016
10 Helen Knight 1:12:09 8.9 Cold Ashton (new route) Bath Victoria Park 03/07/2021

Club results

The table below includes all CWR results since the club first entered teams into the competition in June 2011. Members may find it useful in planning their route to becoming King or Queen of the Cotswolds.

Use the search box to filter results:

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