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Staverton 10 - Residents Info

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Dear Resident,

In order to allow people to plan ahead, minimize disruption and ensure the event passes safely, we wish to let you know about this year’s Staverton 10 mile road race which we are planning to hold in Staverton and Churchdown on Sunday 29th January 2017.

The race is a 2-lap 10 mile road race which has been organized with advice from the Police and Gloucestershire Highways.  It starts from Gloucestershire Airport and passes through Churchdown before returning to Gloucestershire Airport via Brookfield Lane and Chosen Home Farm.

A map of the route can be found here.

The planned start time for the race is 09:00 am and we anticipate that the first runners will finish by 10:00  am and that the last runners will finish it at 11:00.  There are around 200 entrants, and we have not applied for road closures; however, for safety reasons and to minimize disruption, we wanted to let people know that there will be runners on the road.

There will be ‘runners in road’ signs for the duration of the event, and these will be removed immediately afterwards.

We are grateful for your cooperation and understanding and, if you have any questions about the race, please don’t hesitate to e-mail [email protected].

Kind regards,
CLC Striders