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Midsummer Open - 3 July 2013

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First off in the 800m, JJ Willson, Andrew Paterson and Gordon Bendall went in the same heat, JJ set the early pace over this testing distance and ran a strong and evenly paced race to finish in 2:39.6 a new club record in the Vet 50 category. Andrew and Gordon ran well on their track debuts with Andrew just edging the contest between them in the home straight.

Next up was the 100m which saw Katie Butler’s return to the track after a considerable absence, she didn’t disappoint, clocking a fantastic 13.8 seconds and finishing 2ndto a very experienced winner, the time was a new CLC Striders club record. Having had the pressure piled on by Katie, the Striders sprinting gents were next up and miraculously found themselves all going in the same heat. After watching heat after heat of speedy sprinters the nervous quintet of Joel, JJ, Andrew, Clark and Rich took to the start line awaiting starters orders. Clark got a blistering start and was soon a couple of meters up on the field, in a very close race the striders left eating Clark’s dust gradually drew closer towards the end, with Joel just grabbing the win with a dip at the line. Rich took 3rdspot and has now just a handful of race distances left to cover in a striders vest having notched up results in almost everything from the 100m to the Marathon! The race was completed with Andrew in 4thand JJ in 5thin a new Vet 50 Club record of 15.1

Rich and Joel were back in action in the 400m, Joel attempted a more steadily paced race than his last outing but was inevitably taken prisoner by the lactic monster and staggered through the line in a lifetime worst 58.9. Rich battled hard to complete the lap in a season’s best 63.9

Last up for the Striders was the 200m, Katie once again rolled back the years with a fine performance finishing in 27.9 a new senior ladies club record. JJ and Andrew went head to head in the men’s heat and JJ powered through to complete his hat trick of Vet 50 club records in 30.3 seconds, Andrew finished just behind in a time of 31.2</p>



Joel Freeland 13.3

Clark Lawson 13.4

Katie Butler 13.8 *SL Club Record*

Richard Cannock 14.5

Andrew Paterson 14.8

JJ Willson 15.1 *MV50 Club Record*


Katie Butler 27.9 *SL Club Record*

JJ Willson 30.3 *MV50 Club Record*

Andrew Paterson 31.2


Joel Freeland 58.9

Richard Cannock 63.9


JJ Willson 2:39.6 *MV50 Club Record*

Andrew Paterson 2:47.0

Gordon Bendall 2:48.8