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Waterland Aquathon Series - 8 May 2013

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Both felt like fish-out-of-water as they listened to the pre race brief for the 750m open water course followed by 2 laps of lake 32 (4.6k). Wilkie put in a fantastic performance for her first OW swim, exiting T1 in an impressive 14:54 and 3rd lady; this despite an argument with her wetsuit requiring her to sit in the mud to wrestle it off. Johnston managed not to drown and left T1 in 17:15 after similarly coming a cropper with the whole wetsuit removal lark. Both ladies both put in solid performances on the run completing that event in 18:43 and 18:55 respectively.

Overall they finished 3rd and 4th ladies with Wilkie in 17th place overall and Johnston 24th.

Johnston then made a classic faux pas whilst clearing her stuff from transition by walking off with someone else’s wetsuit. Luckily the 17 stone 6’3″ owner of Alice’s new XL wetsuit spotted the mistake and chased her down in the car park.