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Sussex Coastal Marathon - 23 March 2013

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“We left Cheltenham on Friday, pouring rain, winds and M25! Arrived in Eastbourne about 8pm, even more extreme winds. Set off on Saturday for Birling Gap very early. Gale force winds and rain walking to HQ Blustery start, freezing cold at 2 degrees plus wind chill factor. Compensation was amazing views from Seven Sisters. Mud, mud and more mud epitomised large sections of run. When mud eased off gale force winds took over. More amazing scenery and a view of Eastbourne Pier. Nice bit of running and then welcome arrival at the finish. All in all, a memorable race, great company and some stunning views. Compulsory pint afterwards made it all worthwhile! When they say Endurancelife runs are tough, they are not kidding!”