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Worcester A.C. Open Meeting 28th April 2011

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Joel Freeland and Rich Cannock travelled to the Nunnery Wood Sports Complex in Worcester to take part in the first Worcester A.C. Open Track meeting of 2011.

Both Joel and Rich still bore the mental and physical scars of running in recent 800m and so both opted for the relative safety of the 400m and 200m. For Rich, this proved to be futile, as he subsequently maintained his 100% perfect record of being sick after each track race he has participated in.

First up was the 400m at 7.45 p.m. Joel and Rich were placed in the same heat, and Joel raced round the track in 57.9 seconds, showing Rich a clean pair of heels, who finished just outside a minute in 61.6 seconds. Both PB’s.

Following a long delay for the 2000m, and 800m events (and quite a lot of lying down in Rich’s case), with the sun long having departed, the two nervous and weary CLC athletes lined up for the 200m. Rich spotted an opportunity to not be beaten again by Joel, and managed to wangle entry into the vets heat. This again proved folly, as Rich was shown how to sprint by a near septagenarian, finishing just under 30 seconds in 29.6.

Finally, Joel took to the track, and demonstrated the speed that many have witnessed at the finish of the winter cross country races, and blitzed round in 26.6 seconds.

Joel and Rich departed to the strains of Chariots of Fire’s in their ears, although in Rich’s case, this sounded a little distorted, which he hopes will be fine in a few days once the ringing in his ears has subsided. 🙂

Believe it or not, a wholly entertaining evening at a lovely low-key relaxed event, and particularly successfull for Joel, who looks well placed to challenge some of the shorter CLC track records over the summer.



Joel Freeland - 57.9s

Rich Cannock - 61.6s


Joel Freeland - 26.6s

Rich Cannock - 29.6s