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The MCAA womens 6 stage relays 19 March 2011

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The CLC womens team travelled to Sutton Park to compete in the Midlands Counties 6 Stage Road Relays. Each leg was measured at 2.99 miles and takes in a scenic undulating route around the beautiful park.

Leg 1 was run by Patricia Woods who continues to improve race after race. She got the women off to a great start by finishing 29th out of 44 competitors in a blistering time of 20:29.

Rebecca Boulton was on the 2nd leg which she completed in 24:56 putting the team in 36th place.

Amanda Steer put in a strong performance, by completing the 3rd leg in 21:14, gaining 7 places during the run.

Nikki Smith continued the trend by gaining 5 places during the 4th leg, finishing in a time of 21:08.

The 5th leg was run by Jo Wilkie, demonstrated a fine performance and did well to gain places 3 places, completing her leg in 20:49.

The 6th and final leg was run by Liza Barry, who continues to improve since her return from injury. Liza gained 2 places and flew across the line in 19:42.</p>