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The White Horse 3.25m Road Relays 12 March 2011

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There was a good turnout from the striders at the White Horse relays on Saturday, the weather was good: a fresh cool breeze brought wafts of Chinese food from the white horse Chimneys, intermittent sunshine and mounds of dried manure covering the entire course meant the scene was set for the Mens team and two Ladies team to turn in some very impressive performances.

The affable Terry Haines got proceedings off in the usual understated way and Chris ?Notting Hill? Driskell, Nikki ?half marathon in my legs? Smith and Tracey ?im not doing the third leg? Densham got the teams underway, we didn?t have to wait long for ?Notting Hill? to arrive back fighting down the last 400 metres to ensure Joel ?I want to break Free? Freeland was well placed in third place for the start of his leg, then Nikki?s swift run placed Amanda Steer and the ladies A team in a great position before Tracey put in a gutsy run to break 25 minutes for the ladies B team.

So to the 2nd legs and Joel running his first 5k (ish) distance put in a decent run to break 20 minutes and set Rich ?Canny? Cannock on his way before Amanda ?run of the day? Steer pulled out of the stops to finish her leg in 21.57 which made her the fastest W40 of the day and set Patricia in a great position, then just 7 minutes later Beckie ?Im also not running the last leg? Boulton brought the B team in and passed to Sarah ?lost the coin toss and had to run the final leg? Greef for the final 3rd leg. It was going to be a close final ladies finish. Then on the 3rd legs ?Canny? Cannock put in a great run of 19.38 to give Dare Devil a great chance to overhaul a couple of teams on the final mens 4th leg, whilst Patricia ?You can?t catch me? Woods produced a wonderful run of 21.01 (the fastest Ladies CLC run of the day) which secured a very well deserved silver for the Ladies A team.

Then Sarah G nailed her last leg to give the Ladies B Team a bronze medal too!! Then last but not least, bringing home the men Rich Dare ?Devil? overtook 2 mens teams to finish in a 17.06 final leg and secure the silver medal for the men, a great day out and not only did everyone take home a medal but they also have enough packets of biscuits to keep them and their families going until they all come again next year!

A big thankyou also to Phil ?Calf is on the mend? Jowett who did a great job of organising the photo?s, timing and supporting everyone.

Rich Dare


Women’s teams got silver and bronze in the county champs and men took silver. In the open race, women were second and men were 3rd. Amanda took fastest W40.

Race Athlete Cat Time Race Position kph mp/h pace mins per km pace mins per miles Avg 400m split
leg 1 Chris Driskell M 18:30 16.96 10.54 3.32 5.42 84.9
leg 2 Joel Freeland M 19:45 15.89 9.87 3.47 6.05 90.6
leg 3 Rich Cannock M 19:38 15.98 9.93 3.45 6.02 90.1
leg 4 Rich Dare M 17:06 18.35 11.40 3.16 5.16 78.5


Race Athlete Cat Time Race Position kph mp/h pace mins per km pace mins per miles Avg 400m split
leg 1a Nikki Smith W 21:47 14.41 8.95 4.10 6.42 100.0
leg 2a Amanda Steer W 21:57 14.30 8.88 4.12 6.45 100.7
leg 3a Patricia Woods W 21:01 14.93 9.28 4.01 6.28 96.4
leg 1b Tracey Densham W 24:46 12.67 7.87 4.44 7.37 113.6
leg 2b Becky Boulton W 26:05 12.03 7.48 4.59 8.02 119.7
leg 3b Sarah Greef W 22:04 14.22 8.84 4.13 6.47 101.3

Special Mentions


Race Athlete Cat Time Race Position kph mp/h pace mins per km pace mins per miles Avg 400m split
leg 1 Jeremy Bradley M 15:50 19.82 12.32 3.02 4.52 72.7

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