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The National XC Champs 19 February 2011

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The exceptionally muddy conditions at the National Cross Country Championships held at Alton Towers were reminiscent of the conditions our brave soldiers had to put up with at the Somme in 1916. Three women Striders and Six Men took on these appalling conditions and battled there way through sticky mud and unforgiving hills to do there best for there club. In the Womens 6k event Pat Woods had a superb run to finish 217th, Rachel Vines followed finishing in 265th, and Jo Wilkie ran well to finish 333rd out of 552 finishers. The Senior Men’s 10k event saw will Ferguson put in a good effort to finish in 132nd spot, Tom Stone followed in an excellent 775th, Vet 50 Glyn Bagnall returning to home soil finished in a solid 806th, Joel Freeland was next strider in 953rd position, Vet 55 Nick Von Benzon did very well to finish 1127th, and final Men’s scorer was the gutsy Dan Harte who managed to stay on his feet to finish 1255th place in a field of 1302 finishers. The Men’s Team finished 76th overall out of 95 finishing Teams, unfortunetely the Women were one runner down so didn’t record a final finishing position.


Women - 6K
** 217 - Pat Woods - 31.28
265 - Rachel Vines - 32.23
333 - Jo Wilkie - 34.04

**Men - 10K
** 132 - Will Ferguson - 40.37
775 - Tom Stone - 51.51
806 - Glyn Bagnall - 52.34 - (V50)
953 - Joel Freeland - 55.35
1127 - Nick Von Benzon - 60.59 - (V55)
1255 - Dan Harte - 69.11

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