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The Cleeve Cloud Cuckoo Race 09 June 2010

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The Cleeve Cloud Cuckoo Race 09 June 2010 </p>


Dave Smeath led the Striders Team home in an excellent 12th place, Dave Billingham followed in 16th, with Mark Harper just behind in 17th which gave CLC Men’s A Team a very respectable 3rd place overall in the Team competition.

The Striders B Team were led home by Ewan Dunlop who ran well to clinch 20th place, Lee Burge was next home in 23rd place, V50 Glyn Bagnall on the comeback trail, did well to finish 26th place overall. Bagnall also won the Men’s V50 prize. CLC Men’s B Team finished 7th overall.

The Striders Women’s Team were led in by Jo Wilkie who ran very well to finish 57th overall and 2nd Lady to finish, Sian Holley was next in 60th spot and was 3rd Lady to finish, Nikki Smith was the final A Team scorer in 80th place overall and first L45 to finish. The Striders Women’s Team finished in 2nd place.

Other notable performances werer had by V45 Charles Goodwin who finished 31st overall, Nicola Christian (L45) who did very well to finish 92nd overall, and Dawn Addinall L60 who also acquitted herself well on this very tough multi terrain course finishing in 100th spot.

Chris Hale (aka GPS) limped home in 48th place having injured his ankle during the race.

Well done as always Team you never dissapoint.



12 Dave Smeath 35.51
16 Dave Billingham 36.37 (M45)
17 Mark Harper 36.39
20 Ewan Dunlop 36.50
23 Lee Burge 36.58
26 Glyn Bagnall 37.29 (M50)
31 Charles Goodwin 38.16 (M45)
48 Chris Hale 40.00 (M40)
57 Jo Wilkie 41.32 (2nd Lady)
60 Sian Holley 42.00 (3rd Lady)
80 Nikki Smith 46.58 (1st L45)
92 Nicola Christian 49.48 (L45)
100 Dawn Addinall 52.33 (L60)

Teams - Men
A Team 3rd = 43 (smeath, billingham, harper)
B Team 7th = 66 (dunlop, burge, bagnall)</p>

**Teams - Women
** A Team 2nd = 197 (wilkie, holley, smith)

Click here for the officialresults

Race Winner Sarah Greef Rachel Vines Anna Maughan Dawn Addinall Alex Evans Clive Scott Paul Davies Paul Stonuary James Gibbs David Smeath Chris Hale Rob Shute Billy Bradshaw Will Ferguson Race Winner