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The White Horse 10km Road Race 03 April 2010

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The White Horse 10km Road Race 03 April 2010 </p>


John Parker (JP) used his Lethal kick to win his second race in a week at the white horse 10k which was held in very wet conditions at Sandhurst Village. JP is slowly emerging as a force to be reckoned with on all surfaces, and seems to be improving race by race.

Rich Dare (Dare Devil) followed in an excellent 4th place smashing his pb and recording a time of 34.21, Junior man Ben Pedley did well for 6th place considering he had a tummy upset and still ran a pb time of 35.23, he was followed by the super consistent Rachel Vines (DJ) who ran a solid 41.28, next was Richard Cannock in a pb time of 42.46, Chris Bentley was next in 46.40, Nicola Christian followed in a pb of 47.17, Dawn Addinall was the final Strider home running a superb lifetime pb of 49.27 which clipped a staggering 2 minutes 29 seconds off her best ever time.

Thanks again for always giving me memorable moments. Please keep it up!!



Athlete Cat Time Race Position km/h mp/h pace mins per km pace mins per miles Avg 400m split Comment
John Parker M35 00:32:41 1 18.36 11.41 3.16 5.16 78.4 Club Records
Rich Dare M 00:34:21 4 17.47 10.85 3.26 5.32 82.4 PB
Ben Pedley JM 00:35:23 6 16.96 10.54 3.32 5.42 84.9 Club Record
Rachel Vines W 00:41:28 14.47 8.99 4.09 6.40 99.5
Rich Cannock M 00:42:46 14.03 8.72 4.17 6.53 102.6 PB
Chris Bentley M 00:46:40 12.86 7.99 4.40 7.31 112.0
Nicola Christian W40 00:47:17 12.69 7.88 4.44 7.37 113.5 PB
Dawn Addinall W55 00:49:27 12.13 7.54 4.57 7.57 118.7 Club Record
Race Winner Sarah Greef Rachel Vines Anna Maughan Dawn Addinall Alex Evans Clive Scott Paul Davies Paul Stonuary James Gibbs David Smeath Chris Hale Rob Shute Billy Bradshaw Will Ferguson Race Winner