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The Gloucestershire Relays 06 March 2010

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The Gloucestershire County Relays at White Horse 06 March 2010


What a great day it was for the Club at the Gloucester Road Relays! The Men did very well to Win the Bronze Medal, and the Women Vets Team did superb to clinch the County Gold Medal.

Nathan Jones had an excellent run on leg one to record a very swift 16.35, Vet 40 Phil Jowett took over and ran an excellent 17.33 which was the fastest Vet Time of the day, Chris Driskell took over recording a solid 17.59, and anchor man Ben Pedley running strong all the way moved through to Clinch the Bronze Medal.

Amelia Mullins led the Women’s Team off to a fine 22.46, Super Vet Dawn Addinall took over and ran well in a time of 25.20, Final Team Member Tracey Densham maintained good form to bring the Club home for the Vet County Championship Gold Medal.Other Athletes for B and C Teams also did well for the Club - James Gibbs 19.21, Simon Dee 19.42 (V40), Barney Banford 20.25, Paul Smith 18.44, Mark Smith 21.35, Rich Cannock 20.18, Lee Burge 18.53.

Special Thanks to Will Joyce who was a guest for the Striders C Team. Well done Sir



Please note that the following pace and speed calculations are based on a 3.15 miles course as this was measured by GPS devices worn during the race (the same measurement as last year);

Athlete Cat Time Race Position km/h mp/h pace mins per km pace mins per miles Avg 400m split Comment
Nathan Jones M 16:35 Men's A Team 18.34 11.40 3.16 5.16 78.5 Leg 1
Phil Jowett M40 17:33 Men's A Team 17.33 10.77 3.28 5.34 83.1 Leg 2
Chris Driskall M 17:59 Men's A Team 16.91 10.51 3.33 5.43 85.1 Leg 3
Ben Pedley JM 17:03 Men's A Team 17.84 11.09 3.22 5.25 80.7 Leg 4

Men’s A Team Finished 3rd in Gloucestershire Champs

Athlete Cat Time Race Position km/h mp/h pace mins per km pace mins per miles Avg 400m split Comment
James Gibbs M 19:21 Men's B Team 15.72 9.77 3.49 6.09 91.6 Leg 1
Simon Dee M40 19:42 Men's B Team 15.44 9.59 3.53 6.15 93.3 Leg 2
Barney Bamford M 20:25 Men's B Team 14.90 9.26 4.02 6.29 96.7 Leg 3
Paul Smith M 18:44 Men's B Team 16.24 10.09 3.42 5.57 88.7 Leg 4

The Women’s A Team Vets Finished First in the Gloucestershire Champs Route</p>

The course consisted of a small run out from the White Horse restaurant around the main loop, followed by a run back to the White Horse restaurant.