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Withington Wobbler 3.6m 15 Feb 2009

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The Withington Wobbler 3.6m 15 February 2009


19 CLC Striders headed off to Withington to test a 3.6 mile road course out as the club may be holding a race in the village later on this year.

Dodgy Bren devised another one of his very dodgy handicaps and sent each runner of at various times. The course which was two laps was hilly, very fast in parts, with a downhill finish.

There were some highlights during the run, Tracey and Sylvia went AWOL and were found an hour + later heading totally in the wrong direction, Super Will eventually found them thankfully safe and well!! Darren the tornado Milne proved that living in the village is a big advantage as his superb time proved; he was only 26 seconds behind super!!

Lisa super vet Boyd also had a solid run producing the 8th fastest time of the day (overall,) however Rachel DJ vines was the overall winner of the handicap race.

Well done guys and thanks for giving up your time to test the course out!! See you at training tomorrow evening.

Kindest regards.



Position on actual time, with handicap time and position in brackets distance:

3.6 miles very hilly over two laps;

  1. Will Ferguson 20.34 (32.34 5th)
  2. Darren Milne 21.00 (32.00 4th)
  3. Chris Hale 23.47 (32.47 7th)
  4. Phil Jowett 24.22 (33.22 11th)
  5. James Gibbs 25.07 (33.37 13th)
  6. Paul Davis 26.36 (32.36 6th)
  7. Barney Banford 26.38 (34.38 15th)
  8. Lisa Boyd 26.42 (30.42 2nd)
  9. Nick O’Neil 26.47 (32.47 8th)
  10. Tom Thorneycroft 26.51 (35.21 16th)
  11. Rachel Vines 26.59 (29.59 1st)
  12. Simon Dee 27.11 (34.11 14th)
  13. Paul Jenkins 27.12 (33.12 10th)
    14 Louise Allsop 27.48 (30.48 3rd)
  14. Clive Hodges 28.34 (33.24 12th)
  15. Liam Doherty 28.29 (35.29 17th)
  16. Louise Newman 29.49 (32.49 9th)

Sylvia Koster and Tracey Densham got lost on route!!